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Alejandro Castañón is an Unconventional Artist in San Angelo TX

Twenty-eight people sat quietly listening as Alejandro Castañón explained the project they would be painting this evening. His easy manner and quick wit kept the students captivated as he told them they’d be able to create art and would do so in just a single evening. This evening was presented in conjunction with the Laura W. Bush Institute of Angelo State University.

Alejandro told the class “Usually I have several people who tell me they can’t even draw a stick figure to which I reply Good because we aren’t drawing stick figures tonight.” Which was followed by easy laughter as the students turned to their easels and with the provided pencils proceeded to draw a heart.

Alejandro demonstrating his technique for the class. (photo by Doug Schwartz, 2017)

All over the Vino Dipinte gallery the scratch of pencils could be heard as hearts of all shapes and sizes were drawn on the canvas and it was obvious the class had begun in earnest. Alejandro had returned to the front of the room and began explaining a palette knife to the students then with a flourish applied a gash of red to the background of the heart he had drawn. His assistant went around the room adding paint and helping out the students as the lesson went on.

After an hour there were numerous works of art emerging from the canvases as the students started to show signs they believed they could actually create art and most seemed surprised. Alejandro kept gently pulling the skill from the students and sneakily teaching them things like color theory without them realizing it. That was the perfect time for a break.

one students interpretation of the project. (photo by Doug Schwartz, 2017)

Dr. Blanc is a cardiologist who was on hand to share how people can take better care of themselves and their hearts as part of the “Art of Hearts” event. Dr. Blanc reminds me a lot of Alejandro in his presentation. With an easy manner, he speaks to the audience and manages to maintain their attention as he discusses the importance of cholesterol and balancing our numbers and pointing out how we can live longer by having a strong family life.

Dr. Blanc participating in the evening with his own canvas. (photo by Doug Schwartz, 2017)

By the end of the evening everyone had a better understanding of their hearts and had created their very own “art hearts” all thanks to an artist who had no formal training. Instead Alejandro had a desire to do something and made it happen. Stories like this is what Angelo Arts is all about. Want to find out more?

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