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We all know someone who discovered what they wanted out of life at an early age, and we silently, sometimes not-so-silently, cursed them. That was me. Now I’m pretty sure that reality and I were separated at birth or by thirteen at the latest. However, in all fairness it was the 80’s, I was goofy and life seemed a lot like a John Hughes movie.

I was the guy who knew every song when that first note hit and always had a radio playing somewhere. To me, life has a soundtrack with every song eliciting a response. Sometimes I think I could turn around and actually see a DJ following me around playing theme music. I was only thirteen when I started at my small town station and by sixteen had moved to overnights in Little Rock, AR. Although my mother was less than thrilled I quickly asked for and was granted emancipation and was on my way to conquering the world.

Throughout the next ten years, I lived out of a suitcase. Moving every 8-12 months to a new station and new experiences from coast to coast. Radio was truly a nomadic family and with each new town; new experiences. I did everything from nights to mornings and interviewed some of the most amazing acts of the eighties and a few we just won’t talk about. At the pinnacle of my career, I returned to Dallas and the Metroplex I loved.

Dallas was the end of the suitcase days and the beginning of my greatest adventure. It was there I got married in 1994 and became an Air Force Spouse, just wait for the book, who traveled with his incredible wife all over the United States and Europe. We added kids to this crazy train ride in 2006 and just after my wife retired in 2015.

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