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One of the reasons I love our Art here in San Angelo.


Traveling South West from Abilene about ninety miles you’ll reach San Angelo Texas. A town of about one-hundred thousand that grew up around the frontier army post, Fort Concho. It is the rich history of ranching and farming that fuels the city today. Unlike some frontier towns San Angelo continues to grow, adapt and evolve. Today it is becoming an art destination for artist from around the state and the nation.

Much of San Angelo’s art scene revolves around the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts which was established in 1981 at Fort Concho. The museum moved to its new home in 1999. The buildings unique shape has left many to believe that it was built as a homage to the first settlers and their covered wagons. However, representatives from the museum have staunchly held that the building is, in itself, a work of art and that it is a happy coincidence that people view it that way.

Locks of Love, Celebration Bridge

One of the museums exhibits is the sculpture competition hosted annually which draws competitors from around the country. These works are placed in the sunken gardens for the enjoyment of the entire community for the better part of a year while they are also judged for the competition.

Danny Griego capturing his vision of the Christoval vineyard.

Another competition the museum hosts is the annual West Texas En Plein Air competition where artists from around the world descend on the city to capture the unique life of West Texas. These artists spend a week painting the things that catch their eye in the city, at ranch locations volunteered by locals and homeowners.

Patrick Sanders works on a painting

Sculpture, painting, music or photography; West Texas has something for everyone and continues to grow in its arts offerings. Keep up to date with the latest on all of that and more as Angelo Arts continues to bring the best of the arts to the entire Concho Valley. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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